A winding road

I would have never pictured myself doing anything like farming, and as farming goes, I’m only just scratching at the dirt a little, but I have big dreams. I’ve always grown flowers and herbs for cooking, but  now I’m working towards self sufficiency and even making a little bit of a living on what I grow.  It’s funny how things come full circle sometimes; my mom grew  up on a farm and I’ve got farmers going back generations on both sides. I, of course, grew up in the burbs and moved to NYC where I got married and worked in technology for many years.  When my husband and I had our daughter we decided it was time to leave the metal detectors behind and move to the country.  Clean living and all that. Here in Maine I run Glass Orchids, where I create kiln fired glass jewelry and art…. and now I’m starting my little market farming business too. This is what happens when you are type ‘A’; you can’t just do anything half-assed, you have to go all out… I know I’m insane, I just can’t help myself.

The name WinterRose comes from a nickname I have for my daughter. When I was in college in New England (about a million years ago), we had a warm fall with a sudden ice storm and I saw a beautiful rose in full bloom totally encased in ice. My daughter was born on a dark and cold day in February; she’s my beautiful winter rose. Who btw has left the rural life behind for life in the city and works in technology… ah those circles…I fear we are but entertainment for the gods.

I’m approaching year 4 of this winding road with excitement and many dreams. This site is a sort of diary of my journey, a place I can record and share my ups and  downs as I learn, and surely fail as often as I succeed.

~the journey is really just beginning, follow me….