I hate to admit it but…

I’ve been using a Keurig coffee maker for about 4 years now. I no longer drink coffee but  use it to make hot water for my tea. My husband, however, does use it daily and the plastic waste has been eating at my conscious for quite some time now. I have been opening them and saving the coffee grounds for compost but that’s just not good enough.

So today, I hauled it off the counter and put the old coffee maker back on the shelf. As for my tea, well I roughed it and heated water …. OMG… on the stove. How archaic!!

I feel better about myself now. I was feeling a bit of a hypocrite, but, well.. life is a balance of compromises… we do what we can. We can all do more, and this is my latest step to being a better resident of the planet.

Plus, I was never reallllllyyyy sure that thing was clean as you can’t even see the inner workings… so ya.. buy bye Keurig.



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