So many seeds, so little time

Oh the time it sure does fly! I seem to have run out of room to plant! My plans for the back field didn’t really pan out for this year. The ground is clay, which I didn’t realize, so really not good for planting yet. I’ll have to build it up and hope to plant there next year. But that leaves me high and dry with many seeds to plant and no where to go! So I added 2 more raised beds in the front; one 3×2 and one 2×8.

So today I lugged 440 lbs of soil to fill them. I planted kale for the first time, I’m trying to like this wonder green.. we’ll see. I also planted lemon thyme, mojito mint, thai basil and peanuts in this smaller bed. In the larger bed I planted Chinese long beans, lazy housewife shell beans, more peanuts, daikons, breakfast radishes and 2 kinds of carrots.  Now to find homes for some flowers, stevia, coneflower, more mint…. ahhhh …. oh and I’ve decided to put bags of compost in the back field, cut them open, and plant my squash and melons right in the bags! Will let you know how that goes!



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