Bucksport Bay Farmers’ Market

I've been accepted as a new member of the Bucksport Bay Farmers' Market in Bucksport, Maine. This will be my first experience selling things I'm producing on the farm! I'm so excited but a bit nervous too. I'm flying by the seat of my  pants a little so I'm sure I'm in for some surprises! … Continue reading Bucksport Bay Farmers’ Market

Perennials I planted in 2016/17 and before

In 2016 I began my food gardening adventure.  I'd grown flowers and herbs for many years but just never got around to growing food. I started out  humbly with just a few small raised boxes where I grew tomatoes and cucumbers.  Along the way I started to learn about permaculture and am moving towards adding … Continue reading Perennials I planted in 2016/17 and before